Wikipedia Page Creation Cost and Credibility

Wikipedia has become a benchmark in the world of digitally written content. Be it something as crucial as your college research project, or as minor as knowing which fertilizer would be best for your home-grown tomatoes, the immense database of Wikipedia covers everything imaginable. It has a specialty in keeping up with the latest and trending topics, that are not only developed asap, but also maintained and updated regularly. This is the reason users put their trust in this amazing site.

Wikipedia is open to the public for any suggestions or editions under the supervision of the experts. Want something that is not on Wikipedia yet? Well, now you can create/edit a Wikipedia page as well!

In this article, there is everything that you need to know about setting up a Wikipedia page and its cost.

How much does a Wikipedia page cost?

When you hire a Wikipedia page creator, they start off by creating an account that can cost around $200 to $250. Including this cost, there are other expenses that determine the complete cost of setting up a Wikipedia page.

The expense of creating a Wikipedia page varies depending on multiple criteria’s. The most important criteria’s are your notability and the information available, as it is the main factor that contributes to the readability once it is published.

  • When you are notable and well-recognized, it takes less efforts from the page creators to research as there is already a lot of information available and there is less requirement of gathering and verifying your data. The estimated cost for creating a Wikipedia page is around $500 to $800.
  • In case you are not well-recognized, Wikipedia page creators need to work extra hard to research and verify your data vigilantly. The cost is around $700 to $2000.

Paying Someone to Create a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia was not always open to the public for edition or contribution to their content. But now, not only is it possible to create a Wikipedia page, but there are page creators whose identities are disclosed to the editors through paid-contribution and distribution (discussed later in this article).

These page creators do not work for Wikipedia directly, but they are the professionals who know how to create a Wikipedia page and they are hired by agencies or individuals. These Wikipedia page creators take the Wikipedia page creation cost from you and ask you about every aspect of your page for optimum production.

Paid-Contribution Distribution Process

Paid-contribution distribution was introduced by Wikipedia so that only genuine and serious people would contribute to it. It simply means that you pay Wikipedia in order to share your content in it. It can be editing, changing or deleting any information from a page. If you are contributing to Wikipedia through paid services, it must be disclosed who is paying. The contribution must be disclosed according to Wikimedia Foundation Terms of Use.

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Editing a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia page editing is as important as writing, if not more. Writing content for a Wikipedia page seems easy, you just need to gather some data and put it all together, right? Well, if only it was as easy as that. Wikipedia’s criteria for approval of content is very tough, because the site ensures that its contents are compelling, comprehensive and updated. Hence, writing content that matches this criteria is a challenging task. That is why people hire an editor for their Wikipedia page who makes sure that the content is as per the site’s terms of use. Don’t worry, the editors would not completely transform your information! They are just here to make necessary changes in order to get your data approved.

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Hiring a Wikipedia Page Editor: What does a Wikipedia Editor do?

Just like a page creator, there are Wikipedia page editors as well. They work in the same manner as creators, they are also paid by agencies to edit their contribution. It is always effective to hire an editor on top of a creator because they apply strategies in order to make the content attractive and easier to comprehend for the readers. Part of their job is to optimize the content according to the standards and terms of Wikipedia so that it can be approved by the Wikipedia authorities for publishing.

How much does it cost to Edit a Wikipedia Page?

The cost of editing is different from creating a Wikipedia page. Now that you know how much starting a Wikipedia page costs, let’s see how much it costs to edit a Wikipedia page. The most likely cost to edit a Wikipedia page is $300 to $1000.

Individual editors can charge up to $10 to $75 per hour. Getting a Wikipedia page created and edited can land a total estimated cost of $500 $4500. But the cost also varies depending on the expertise of the professionals.

How long does it take to Edit a Wikipedia Page?

After you are done with writing your Wikipedia page, you hand it over to the editor. The editor makes sure your content is free of plagiarism, has properly-structured sentences, has compelling data and comprehendible text; and has the optimum quality content that would enable it to qualify and get approved. This whole process can take around 3 to 5 months!

This may seem like a long time, but that is because editing the content up to the level of Wikipedia’s terms and conditions is very challenging. Now no one likes to pay someone and not get the desired product, right? Great things take time!

A Short Guideline to Editing a Wikipedia Page

As discussed before, Wikipedia’s criteria for editing a page are strict. So, you need to make sure that there are some necessary elements to your Wikipedia page for qualify. Here are some instructions for you that you need to follow in order to edit a Wikipedia page.

  • Make sure the references are from secondary sources.
  • For your Wikipedia page title, avoid offensive and/or misleading names.
  • Act responsibly and maintain good behavior with Wiki authorities. They are there for your assistance.
  • Format and citations should be properly structured.
  • Make sure your article in unique in order to stand out from the crowd.


We hope that you would have understood everything that you need to know about the set up and the cost of creating a Wikipedia page. Still got some unresolved queries? Continue reading to find your answers.

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How do I know that I qualify the notability criteria of Wikipedia?

The first and foremost criteria that the Wikipedia authorities put forward for the approval of content; is notability. Testing the notability simply means that Wikipedia authorities check if the topic and the content is worthy of being published or not. Then they also check if the data in the content should be coming from verifiable sources, and that there are enough sources available. The topic is further analyzed to see if it qualifies for a separate page itself or it should be merged with another one. Reliability and significant coverage of the content online also impacts the notability.

Is it completely free of cost to create a Wikipedia page?

No. Creating a Wikipedia page includes getting it written and edited by professional Wikipedia page creators and editors who write optimum quality content that is according to the Wikipedia terms of use. The process is long which takes a lot of time and effort. Hence, you have to pay a decent price of making a Wikipedia page which is around $1000 to $3000.

Why do I need to hire a Wikipedia page writer?

Setting up a Wikipedia page is a lot of work that might take months to complete if you want to take matters in your own hands. Then comes the strict policies of Wikipedia terms and conditions that makes it even more challenging to get it approved. Hence, it is always effective to hire a Wikipedia page writer because they apply strategies in order to make the content attractive and easier to comprehend for the readers. Part of their job is to optimize the content according to the standards and terms of Wikipedia so that it can be approved by the Wikipedia authorities for publishing.


Wikipedia is a trustworthy site with an immense amount of information, with new contributions and editions being done to it every day. Its opening up to the public to make contributions has provided the people with an opportunity to share missing and new information with the public. And in order to get that information approved and published by the Wikipedia authorities, you should take help from the Wikipedia page writers and editors.

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