How to Create a Wikipedia Page

Have you ever wanted to create a Wikipedia page for your business or personal brand, only to give up because the process seemed too complicated? With over 6 million articles and a strict set of guidelines to follow, it’s no wonder that creating a Wikipedia page can be daunting.

Wikipedia has revolutionized the way information is accessed and shared. With over 1.7 billion unique visitors each month, having a presence on this platform can greatly benefit your online presence. However, creating a page is not as simple as filling out a basic template.

Wikipedia is one of the most frequently accessed websites in the world, with millions of visitors each day. But have you ever wondered about the statistics behind this vast repository of knowledge?

Wikipedia is a collaborative platform where anyone can create and edit articles on a wide range of subjects. It’s a source of information for millions of people, but have you ever wondered how many articles are on the site, who edits them, or how many languages they’re available in?

If you’re ready to take on the challenge, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a successful Wikipedia page. From understanding the rules and guidelines to crafting your content, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to make your mark on the world’s most visited online encyclopedia.

How Does Making A Wikipedia Page Benefit Your Business?

Have you ever considered creating a Wikipedia page for your business? Well, let us tell you why it’s totally worth it. The primary advantage of Wikipedia is its massive size and widespread accessibility. It attracts an enormous number of visitors, with approximately 2 billion unique users visiting the site each month. Here are some other benefits that you can get if you create a Wikipedia page:

1. Increased online visibility and credibility:

First things first, having a Wikipedia page lends credibility to your business in the eyes of potential customers. It shows that you are a legitimate business and that you have a presence online. A Wikipedia page can boost your business’s visibility and credibility online by providing authoritative information about your brand.

2. Increased Traffic:

Wikipedia is one of the most visited websites globally, and having a page on the site can drive traffic to your business’s website. Once you create a Wikipedia page for your business, you’ll notice a surge in traffic to your website. This is because Wikipedia is an incredibly popular site that receives thousands of hits each minute. And if your business has a Wikipedia page, people who are interested in your products or services can easily find your website by clicking on the links included in the page.

3. Better Search Engine Rankings:

Wikipedia pages often rank on the first page of search engine results, making it easier for people to find information about your business. This can lead to increased website traffic and ultimately, more sales. Having a Wikipedia page for your business can also improve your search engine rankings. This is because Wikipedia is considered an authority site by search engines, and backlinks from Wikipedia can boost your website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). By increasing your online visibility, you’ll be able to attract more customers to your business.

4. Access to a Broad Audience:

With articles in over 300 languages, Wikipedia provides a platform to reach a diverse audience. One of the biggest benefits of having a Wikipedia page is the exposure it can bring to your business. Since Wikipedia pages can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, your business can gain valuable exposure to a broad audience. This can be an excellent way to attract new customers and to expand your business’s reach.

5. Competitive Advantage:

Creating a Wikipedia page can also give your business a competitive edge. If your competitors don’t have a Wikipedia page, then creating one can give you an advantage over them. A Wikipedia page can help you stand out from other businesses in your industry and establish your company as a leader in your field.

6. Reputation Management:

Wikipedia provides an opportunity to shape the public perception of your brand by presenting accurate, neutral information about your business. A Wikipedia page can help improve a business’s online reputation. A well-written and comprehensive page that accurately portrays a business’s history, products, and services can help to increase trust among potential customers, investors, and partners.

Another benefit of having a Wikipedia page is that it can help you manage your online reputation. Since anyone can edit Wikipedia pages, having a page for your business can allow you to monitor and respond to any negative comments or misinformation that may be posted about your company. This can help you stay on top of your online reputation and maintain a positive image for your business.

Is your Brand/Business Eligible to Create A Wiki Page?

To determine if your brand or business is eligible for a Wikipedia page, you should consider the following criteria:

1. Notability

Your brand or business must be considered notable and significant to be eligible for a Wikipedia page. This means that it should have made a significant impact in its industry or field and received substantial coverage from reliable sources. For example, your brand is likely to be considered notable if it has a household name or received multiple awards or recognition in its field.

2. Reliable Sources

Wikipedia requires that information about a subject be verifiable and sourced from reliable, independent sources. This could include news articles, academic journals, and other publications that provide credible information about your brand or business. The more coverage your brand or business receives from these sources, the more likely it is to be considered eligible for a Wikipedia page.

3. Neutral Tone

Wikipedia pages must be written in a neutral, objective tone and should not be promotional or biased. This means that the page should provide an accurate, balanced representation of your brand or business without any undue emphasis on its positive aspects. We can take this job done with an online resource like a paraphraser, which can help us providing assistance in making the tone neutral or easy to read.

4. Compliance With Wikipedia’s Policies

Wikipedia has strict policies regarding the type of content that can be published on its site. For example, pages cannot contain advertising or self-promotion and must be free of conflicts of interest. Before you create a wiki page, you should familiarize yourself with these policies and ensure that your brand or business complies with them.

If your brand or business meets these criteria, it may be eligible for a Wikipedia page. However, the final decision on whether to create a page is up to the discretion of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors.

Options to Consider If Your Brand/Business Fails To Meet the English Notability Guidelines Criteria for a Wikipedia Page.

If your brand or business does not meet the English Wikipedia notability guidelines, there are a few options you can consider:

1. Wait

Wikipedia’s notability guidelines can change over time, and your brand or business may become eligible for a page in the future.

2. Seek Coverage From Reliable Sources

If your brand or business has limited coverage from reliable sources, you can work on increasing the amount of coverage it receives. This could involve reaching out to media outlets, participating in industry events, or engaging in other activities that generate media coverage.

3. Create A Page In A Different Language

If your brand or business is not eligible for a page on English Wikipedia, it may still be eligible in a different language. Wikipedia has articles in over 300 languages, and the notability criteria may vary between languages.

4. Seek Help From A Professional Editor

If you are having trouble creating a Wikipedia page for your brand or business, you can consider hiring professional Wikipedia page creation services. These editors have experience navigating Wikipedia’s policies and can help ensure that your page meets the site’s standards.

Should I Create My Own Wikipedia Page?

Creating your own Wikipedia page is not recommended because the site has strict policies regarding conflicts of interest and self-promotion. Pages written by individuals with a vested interest in the subject, such as the subject’s creator or owner, are more likely to be biased and promotional.

Additionally, pages that violate Wikipedia’s policies are at risk of being deleted, which can harm the credibility of your brand or business.

It’s best to let neutral, independent sources such as journalists, academics, and industry experts provide coverage of your brand or business. This coverage can be used to support the creation of a Wikipedia page by a volunteer editor.

If you want to create a Wikipedia page for your brand or business, it is recommended that you hire a professional wikipedia editor at Elite Wiki Writers. They have immense experience navigating Wikipedia’s policies and promoting your brand or business online by gathering and verifying information from reliable sources to ensure that the content meets Wikipedia’s notability guidelines. Their team also helps keep the page up to date by adding new information, removing outdated information, and making other changes as required. Hire Elite Wiki Writers today if you’re wondering how to write a Wikipedia page online.

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How to Make a Wikipedia Page?

If you believe you can create a well-written Wikipedia Page, free from self-promotion and conflicts of interest, here are the necessary steps to guide you along the way:

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1. Create an Account on Wikipedia

To begin the process of creating a Wikipedia page, you need to sign up for an account on the platform. Having an account offers several advantages, including:

  • The ability to create pages
  • A personal user page to showcase a brief profile and photos
  • A talk page for communication with other users
  • Enhancement of your status as a Wikipedia contributor
  • The option to personalize the appearance of your pages.

2. Start Contributing to Existing Pages

To establish credibility on Wikipedia, which solely comprises user-generated content, contribute to existing pages and accounts.

This is beneficial for several reasons. The most common method of creating a new page on Wikipedia is to use the AfC submission template, which simplifies the formatting and submission process.

However, there is a three-month waiting period for a manual review of each submission. But, you can bypass this wait time by having an account with 10 edits and older than three days, allowing you to directly post a page without going through the AfC review. Although it may still be subject to removal by editors, it can help you avoid the review backlog. Additionally, it’s a great way to give back to the Wikipedia community.

3. Make Sure Your Topic Doesn’t Already Exist

Whether you’re knowledgeable about a specific niche topic not yet covered on Wikipedia or believe your business is noteworthy enough to warrant a Wikipedia page, it’s essential to check if someone has already claimed the topic. Additionally, there may be related topics that you can edit or link to your proposed page.

Conduct a search using the bar to investigate any pages related to your intended subject.

4. Gather Resources and Research About Your Topic

Before beginning to write your Wikipedia page, conduct thorough research on your topic. Whether you’re exploring a related industry subject or creating a page for your business, ensure that you have both external and internal sources to establish notability and credibility in your draft.

Be mindful of publications, articles, and resources that can serve as sources. You must support your Wikipedia pages with authentic sources. Therefore, you must have the means to validate your statements.

5. Create an Outline

Once you have collected your research sources, create an outline for your page. Organize your information into manageable sections that one can access through the page’s table of contents on the site.

6. Write & Compile Your Draft

Create your Wikipedia page carefully and with consideration. Ensure that your content is comprehensive, well-considered, and useful for those who search for information.

Although having a Wikipedia page can be advantageous for you

r marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that the platform’s purpose is to be encyclopedic and neutral. Avoid using a tone that is inappropriate or boastful about your business, as this may result in the removal of your page.

7. Format, Cite, and Categorize

To format, cite, and categorize when creating a Wikipedia page, you should follow the guidelines set by Wikipedia’s Manual of Style. This includes:

  • Use the citation templates provided by Wikipedia to properly format your references and sources.
  • Use internal links to connect related Wikipedia pages and external links to provide further information.
  • Categorize your page by adding relevant categories to help users find your page more easily.
  • Use headings and subheadings to structure your content and make it easier to read.
  • Make sure all information is verifiable and can be backed up by reliable sources.

8. Upload Your Page into the Wikipedia Article Wizard

Before using the Wikipedia Article Wizard to draft your page, be aware of Wikipedia’s disclaimer, i.e., “The topic of an article must already be covered in reliable sources, independent of the subject. These include journals, books, newspapers, magazines, and websites with a reputation for fact-checking. Social media, press releases, or corporate/professional profiles do not qualify.” Make sure to include your sources while creating a Wikipedia page.

It is essential to include citations in your Wikipedia page to build trust with readers and support the information you present. Ensure to use resources as references to validate your claims.

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9. Submit Your Draft for Review

Once you have completed writing and checking your page, it’s time to send it to Wikipedia for examination. This can take a few months, especially if you have to use the Article for Creation (AfC) process. Keep in mind that getting your page or article approved by Wikipedia can be difficult and may require multiple attempts before it is finally accepted.

10. Adjust & Cooperate

Expect to make changes to your Wikipedia submission as it goes through the review process. Collaborate with editors by responding to their comments and suggestions on the talk page. Although the acceptance criteria for submissions can be subjective, avoid arguing with the editors. Don’t use the fact that other, potentially lower-quality pages from competitors have been approved as a justification for your own page’s approval.

11. Monitor Your Entries

Your work is not over even if your Wikipedia page is approved. Some pages are more vulnerable to malicious edits or attacks. To keep your page accurate and up-to-date, you must regularly monitor it, and receive notifications for any changes made.

When monitoring your approved Wikipedia page, remember to only revert or edit changes that can’t be verified. If credible sources support the negative information about your company, leave it as is to maintain the page’s impartiality and objectivity.

12. Continue Making Improvements

After getting your Wikipedia page approved, don’t stop there. As the platform allows anyone to edit pages, including your competitors or people who have a negative view of your brand, it’s essential to keep an eye on your page. Though malicious edits are likely to be removed, monitoring your page is still advisable. Additionally, as your page becomes more prominent on Google, it’s a good idea to regularly update and review it to ensure it provides the most accurate information about your products or services.

Some Tips from Wikipedia Experts

Now that you have learned how to get a Wikipedia page, here are some tips from experts that can further help you in drafting a Wikipedia page:

  • “Creating a successful Wikipedia page takes research, patience, and a commitment to objectivity. #Wikipedia #PageCreation #ExpertTips”
  • “Citations are key! Make sure to include reliable sources for every claim on your Wikipedia page. #Wikipedia #PageCreation #ExpertAdvice”
  • “Don’t be discouraged if your Wikipedia page gets rejected. Keep making improvements and engage with editors for a better outcome. #Wikipedia #PageCreation #ExpertInsights”
  • “Stay vigilant! Regularly monitor your Wikipedia page to ensure it stays accurate and up-to-date. #Wikipedia #PageCreation #ExpertAdvice”
  • “Remember the purpose of Wikipedia is to provide neutral and impartial information. Avoid promoting your brand and stick to the facts. #Wikipedia #PageCreation #ExpertTips”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Make a Wikipedia Page for My Business?

A Wikipedia page for your business can be beneficial for your online presence and credibility. Consider your brand’s notability and the resources available to support your page.

Is Creating a Wikipedia Page Difficult?

Creating a Wikipedia page can be challenging and requires following strict guidelines. A well-written, thoroughly researched article is necessary for approval.

How Can I Be Sure That My Wikipedia Page Will be Approved?

Approval for a Wikipedia page is subjective and based on meeting the platform’s notability and impartiality criteria. Make sure to thoroughly research and cite sources.

How Long Will my Wikipedia Article Be Under Review?

The review process for a Wikipedia article can take several months, but it can be expedited using the AfC process.

How to Create a Wikipedia Page?

To create a Wikipedia page, gather resources, write and proofread your article, and submit it through the Wikipedia Article Wizard. Monitor your page after approval.


This blog helped you with the following:

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  • Guide you through the Wikipedia submission process effectively.
  • Encourage ongoing contribution to Wikipedia.

If you still can’t get your article through, maybe you should let professionals handle the creation of your Wikipedia page. Elite Wiki Writers’ team of experts will help you create a Wikipedia page that showcases your brand’s notability and reliability. Trust them to guide you through the submission process and keep your page up-to-date. Get started now!

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