How To Successfully Qualify for a Wikipedia Page

Even if you are new to the world of tech, you must have turned to Wikipedia for all your queries. But it is not just you; there are millions of people diving into deep knowledge in every aspect that Wikipedia is ready to share. Whether you search for a modern technology launch or your favorite sports player biography, Wikipedia is above in search engines.

But, Have you ever wondered if qualifying and getting your Wikipedia page is possible? It may be something you’ve thought of and even sought advice on, but you still need to figure out what it takes and how to do it. We’re here to clarify the subject and provide a basic understanding of the process.

Whether you want your page in the world’s giant encyclopedia or want to learn more about Wikipedia pages, this blog has all the information you need. We’ll be discussing what Wikipedia defines as notable and how to make your journey to it easier than ever. So, read on to unlock one of the internet’s best-kept secrets.

How Do You Qualify For A Wikipedia Page?

Wikipedia is one of the leading sources of information on the internet. Having a page dedicated to you or your business can be invaluable in building your profile and making you more visible to potential customers. But how do you qualify for a Wikipedia page?

Fortunately, the process isn’t too complicated—although it may take time and effort. To get a Wikipedia page, you must meet the criteria for inclusion on their site. All you need is to comply with the requirements, or you say, terms and conditions of Wikipedia. If yes, you are ready to bang in your presence on Wikipedia and get yourself noticed.

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When Does A Person Qualify To Have A Wikipedia Page?

To qualify for a Wikipedia page, you’ll need to meet one of the criteria in Wikipedia’s Notability Policy. Usually, that means you need to have been mentioned by reliable sources of information, such as newspapers, magazines, television shows, or websites. But there is more to it. So, if you are planning to get yourself a Wikipedia page, the ground rule is to be notable.

1. Notability Policy

It is the first and primary step to getting your Wikipedia page. The notability policy is crucial to comply with. Still, it is not a complete assurance of getting the Wikipedia page because there are numerous other policies that you need to follow.

The word suggests that Wikipedia’s notability policy revolves around the idea that a person must have been worthy enough with a valuable presence to be on the Wikipedia page. Therefore, one must have enough secondary information to ensure Wikipedia brings it to the spotlight. However, it is essential to remember that secondary information must be credible and reliable.

If you are notable, you have cleared the initial stage. However, you can increase your probability of having a Wikipedia page and follow other notability criteria to quickly move on to the next steps.

2. Biography of Any Person

For Wikipedia to enable you to have your page, it requires a person to be well-known and famous enough to be known globally. In addition, a person must have won an award or have been nominated for any awards in their lifetime. A person’s notable contribution to any field globally also lies in the criteria of having a Wikipedia page.

3. Academia

Any person in the field of academics, such as researchers, professors, or scholars, has made a significant contribution to their respective fields.

4. Creative Fields

The category includes everyone from the creative fields, photographers, writers, and artists. A person should have recognition in the field or be known for doing something exceptionally unique and different from their peers. Whether a book or movie, a noticeable contribution that is globally significant.

5. Belonging to a Crime

Wikipedia allows a page to have information about any criminal activity. It can involve both the victims and the culprits of the crime. As victims, a person who has been targeted for any severe crime or unusual activity. For culprits, if they are involved in a crime against any notable personality. However, for culprits who are proven guilty, the court is not eligible to fall under this additional criteria.

6. Entertaining Industry

Are you an actor winning hearts or a comedian spreading smiles? You lie in the category of entertainment industry. The category revolves around people who have played a significant role in any leading film or drama, including those who excel in Shakespearean comedy.

7. Political Industry

There is no chance that Wikipedia overlooks politicians. But, the criteria is specific for politicians as well. Only politicians assigned to higher authorities on national and international levels are eligible for additional notable criteria.

8. Sports

Last but not least, sportsmen are also welcomed by Wikipedia but on certain conditions. Sportsmans recognized in national and international tournaments are reliable for notable criteria.

The list of all the above criteria is to make your page eligible for Wikipedia. So, it elevates your position to get approved. Though you can also get qualified with the primary notability policy, additional criteria can help you further.

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Explore More About Qualify Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a vast arena to delve into. Thus, you can’t get in without knowing how to get a Wikipedia page. With comprehending the basics of notability policy, there are more things to take into account.

Begin With Your Account

The first step is to create your Wikipedia account. It will help you revise and edit your pages. So, connect to your screens and fill in all the details to get your Wikipedia account. Keep in mind to insert your correct information and email address for verification.

Look Out For The Page Title

If you are qualified for the Wikipedia page, excellent! What’s next? Now comes the time to look in for the titles. Wikipedia does not allow duplicate titles for two different pages. The easiest way is the red link. Click on the Wikipedia search bar, and if you find the red link, this is your way to go.

Create Impeccable Content

Your content plays a significant role. Because your content will be on Wikipedia for millions of readers, it must be compelling and informative. Make sure that content is composed of proven facts and no original research. In addition, the content must have a neutral point of view and be briefed from a reliable internet source.

Cite Your Sources

Wikipedia works on already published content, so citing your sources is the only way to go ahead. With your content in hand, cite all the references. Make sure information sources are reliable and credible.

Submit Your Page

Here is where your shoulder leaves behind the considerable responsibility. We hope you follow all the guidelines and submit your page. Then, wait for Wikipedia approval and enjoy growing.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s not easy to meet the qualifications to have a Wikipedia page, but it is possible. If you have notable positive contributions to the world, are widely recognized, and have reliable third-party sources that cite your accomplishments. You could have a good chance at meeting the standards to Wikipedia page creation.

It is all about following the guidelines, and you are good to go in making your mark on Wikipedia!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Use Notability?

Notability is essential to check the authenticity of the editor and whether the article warrants the editor.

Can Wikipedia Ban You From Editing?

Yes, in case of disruptive behavior or not complying with the Wikipedia guidelines, Wikipedia can restrict or ban you from editing.

Can a small business have a Wikipedia page?

Everyone can have a Wikipedia page if they comply with Wikipedia guidelines. Plus, well-researched and quality content can enable a small business to have its Wikipedia page.

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