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How to Create a Wiki Biography Page?

Wikipedia has earned its place among the top fifteen most visited sites globally, according to Alexa, boasting a staggering 53 million articles and 52 million pages. However, its success and popularity can be attributed to several key factors, notably its extensive language options. With a remarkable reach, Wikipedia offers content and uploads in precisely 304 languages, catering to a diverse global audience.

Despite its user-friendly accessibility, Wikipedia maintains an unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. For instance, there’s a lot you need to know before adding a biography on Wikipedia to prevent your page from getting deleted or removed later on. Thus, if you’re wondering "how do you make a Wikipedia page," here’s how!

The Definitive Manual for Spreading Information Worldwide

The necessity of information is intrinsic to human existence, and the creators of Wikipedia recognized this fundamental requirement. Thus, they developed the world's largest user-generated website, which has steadfastly delivered reliable information for over two decades. Wikipedia stands out from conventional encyclopedias, distinguishing itself as the premier online encyclopedia. Notably, it operates on a user-generated model, which means anyone can readily access the platform and contribute to this global information resource instantaneously.

Things to Do Before Creating a Biography on Wikipedia

Before embarking on the process of adding your biography to Wikipedia, it is crucial to establish two key aspects. Just as one must prepare thoroughly before an exam, undertaking the necessary groundwork is essential.

Conduct In-Depth Research to Understand the Subject

Without possessing sufficient knowledge about the individual, crafting a compelling biography page becomes challenging. Prioritize gaining a comprehensive understanding of the person through extensive research before proceeding further. Leave no stone unturned in uncovering every possible source of information that deepens your comprehension of the individual. The more intimately acquainted you are with the subject, the more impactful your page will be.

Define the Target Audience and Objectives of the Page

Once you have a firm grasp on the individual's background, it becomes essential to determine the intended audience and objectives for your page. By defining your goals, you will be driven to explore the readership and their specific informational needs. Ensure that all the content you incorporate provides authentic and valuable information to the readers, as this will be the cornerstone of a meaningful page. Failing to do so would render the page futile.

What makes Wikipedia guidelines for living individuals so strict?

When it comes to crafting biographies, Wikipedia imposes exceptionally rigorous guidelines, surpassing those applied to other types of content. The rationale behind this stringency lies in the potential harm that can be inflicted upon an individual's reputation when false information is disseminated. Wikipedia upholds three fundamental core policies that are specifically applied to biographies of living people:

Articles must be composed from a neutral standpoint: The content within biographies must maintain an objective and impartial perspective, avoiding bias or favoritism.

Information in biographies must be verifiable:

All information presented in biographies should be supported by reliable and credible sources. This ensures that the data provided can be fact-checked and validated.

Original research is prohibited:

Biographies should not include personal interpretations, speculation, or unverified claims. Instead, reliance on existing knowledge and established sources is vital to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the content.

By adhering to these guidelines , Wikipedia strives to maintain a high standard of accuracy, fairness, and reliability in its biographical content, safeguarding both the integrity of the platform and the individuals featured in the articles.

Crafting a Wikipedia article about yourself

When it comes to questions about Wikipedia, there isn't a clear-cut answer. Nevertheless, the Wikipedia community strongly discourages writing autobiographies about oneself. This is because it is considered a conflict of interest, as Wikipedia editors believe that individuals may not be able to provide an unbiased account when writing about themselves.

However, in certain cases, individuals can indeed write articles about themselves on Wikipedia, provided they adhere to the guidelines established for such instances. It is crucial to avoid adopting a promotional tone, refrain from presenting the article as a résumé or LinkedIn profile, and ensure that all information included is supported by reliable sources and presented in a neutral manner.

Notability Guidelines for writing Biographies

Navigating Wikipedia can be a perplexing task. The multitude of policies and guidelines can lead one to mistakenly believe that something is noteworthy when, in reality, it may not meet the criteria. Rather than subjecting you to an overwhelming amount of guidelines, we have summarized some of the most significant ones that pertain to Wikipedia's definition of notability for individuals. It is essential to recognize that their criteria for notability may differ from your personal perception, making it valuable to gain an understanding of their perspective.

General Notability Guidelines

The general notability guidelines are rules that apply to all topics on Wikipedia, including biographies.

According to these guidelines, Wikipedia considers a topic "notable" and suitable for inclusion if it has received substantial coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. In other words, if a topic has been extensively discussed and reported on by trustworthy sources that have no personal or biased connection to the subject, it meets the criteria for notability on Wikipedia .

General Biography Guidelines

When it comes to general guidelines for biographies on Wikipedia, a person is typically considered notable if they have received a well-known and significant award or honor, or if they have been nominated for such awards multiple times. Furthermore, someone may be considered notable if they have made a widely recognized contribution that is documented in the enduring historical record of their field. Additionally, if a person has an entry in a reputable publication like the Dictionary of National Biography or a similar source, they are likely to be considered notability assessment.

It is important to note that meeting these criteria alone is not sufficient for notability. The person must also have substantial coverage in reliable sources that are independent and discuss their achievements. The existence of reliable sources that verify and discuss their accomplishments is crucial, even if the person meets the aforementioned criteria.

Musician Biographies

For Wikipedia profile creation of a musician or band, it's important to understand the general criteria for showing their notability. There are twelve criteria available, and you only need to meet one of them. However, remember that you must also have significant coverage that documents the achievement.

While you can find the complete list of twelve criteria on Wikipedia, here are some of the most common ones you should know:

  • Having music that has charted on a nationally recognized chart like Billboard.
  • Releasing a record that has been certified gold or above (in any country).
  • Releasing at least two or more albums under a major record label (or a notable independent label).
  • Winning or placing 2nd or 3rd in a major music competition.
  • Winning or being nominated for a Grammy, Juno, or other notable awards.
  • Remember, meeting one of these criteria is not enough. It is essential to have substantial coverage from reliable sources that document the achievement as well.

Musicians who are not primarily performers, such as songwriters or composers, have their own set of criteria to establish notability.

Additionally, it's important to note that most band members are not individually notable. This means that each member of a band typically does not qualify for a separate Wikipedia page for a person. In order for band members to have separate pages, they must demonstrate their own individual notability. This can often be achieved by showcasing their involvement in multiple notable bands or by releasing their own music outside of the band.

Academic Biographies

Academic professionals, including professors, are subject to a specific set of guidelines regarding notability for inclusion on Wikipedia. Referred to as the "professor test," these guidelines can be somewhat perplexing, as they often require less extensive coverage compared to other biographies.

Here are a few additional qualifications that make someone eligible for inclusion on Wikipedia:

  • Having received a prestigious award like the Fields Medal or Pulitzer Prize.
  • Making a significant impact in their field of study, such as being the author of multiple widely-used books for teaching the subject.
  • Holding the position of Chief Editor in a well-established academic journal.
  • Meeting any of these criteria can contribute to establishing notability for academic professionals on Wikipedia.

Creative Professionals

Wikipedia also provides a sub-guideline to establish the notability of "creative professionals." This category encompasses various professions, including but not limited to:

  • Authors
  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • Filmmakers
  • Photographers
  • Artists
  • Architects

To demonstrate notability for these creative professionals, there are four criteria that can be considered:

  • Being recognized as an important figure in their profession, which can be demonstrated by receiving citations from peers or successors.
  • Introducing a new theory or concept that has had an impact in their field.
  • Creating well-known and widely recognized works.
  • Having their work showcased in significant exhibitions, garnering critical attention, or being included in the permanent collections of museums and galleries.

Meeting any of these criteria can contribute to establishing the notability of creative professionals on Wikipedia.


Merely being a candidate for a political position does not serve as proof of notability. In fact, the majority of candidates do not meet the criteria for inclusion on Wikipedia. To start a Wikipedia page, a politician typically needs to hold a specific elected office, unless they can fulfill the requirements under another guideline. For instance, a notable author who is concurrently running for a local city council position may qualify for inclusion under the criteria established for creative professionals.


Creating biographies for athletes can be quite confusing. Each type of sport has its own subcategory of notability criteria that athletes must meet to be considered notable on Wikipedia. However, there is an important distinction between professional athletes and amateur athletes on Wikipedia. This is because, except for certain sports like golf, many amateur athletes do not have the opportunity to compete against professional athletes.

Wikipedia specifically addresses collegiate athletes who are amateurs, as many individuals try to create articles for them. These athletes are deemed notable if they have achieved certain accomplishments. This includes winning a national award or holding a record in NCAA Division I. Additionally, they would be considered notable if they are inducted into the hall of fame for their sport at the collegiate level or have won multiple national championships as individuals.


Entertainers, including actors, comedians, models, and other celebrities, have specific criteria to determine their notability.

In general, they are regarded as notable if they have held significant roles in major films or television shows. This entails being the main actor or a recurring character in a show. They can also be considered notable if they have garnered a dedicated and passionate fan base, often referred to as a "cult" following. Additionally, if they have made a distinctive contribution to their field, they may be recognized as notable.

All Others

There are additional notability guidelines for various categories, although they are less frequently encountered. Nonetheless, here are the links to the specific criteria for your reference:

  • Criminals and Crime Victims
  • Military Personnel
  • Sports Personalities

If you find yourself uncertain about which category a biography should fall under, you can always reach out to us for clarification.

When a Person Doesn’t Meet Notability Guidelines

We highly discourage you from attempting to create a Wikipedia biography for someone who does not meet the criteria for notability. If such a page is discovered (which is inevitable), it will be deleted, and restoring it once the subject becomes notable can be exceedingly challenging.

One method to include someone on Wikipedia is by redirecting their name to a relevant article. A common example of this is when musicians, who may not have individual notability but are part of a notable band, have their names redirected to the band's page. This ensures that when people search for the individual's name on Wikipedia, they are directed straight to the band's page.

Disclosing a Conflict of Interest

Certain individuals opt not to reveal their affiliation as per the terms of use. It's important to note that while this approach may help avoid scrutiny, it can have negative consequences if it is discovered that you are an undisclosed paid editor. Those who are found to be creating biographies on Wikipedia without disclosure often face banning and have their work removed.

Uploading a biography to Wikipedia

There are two primary methods for adding a biography to Wikipedia. The first option is to directly upload it to the main space, while the second option involves submitting it through a process called "articles for creation."

Posting a Live Article by Yourself

To post directly to the main space on Wikipedia, you'll need to create an account and engage in at least 10 edits over a span of more than four days. This auto-confirmed account status allows you to gain experience with Wikipedia before uploading the biography.

Once you have an auto-confirmed account, follow these steps to create the article:

  • Use the search box in the upper-right corner of Wikipedia to search for the desired page name.
  • Click on the red title of the name in the search results.
  • You'll be directed to a page where you can either copy and paste the Wiki-code or write the code from scratch to create the page.
  • Save the page, and it will then become live on Wikipedia.

Submission through Articles for Creation

You can submit a draft to articles for creation without requiring an auto-confirmed account. In fact, having an account is not mandatory, although we recommend creating one. To submit a draft, follow these steps:

  • Visit the "article wizard" link.
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen, which are concise and straightforward.

Correcting Issues with Existing Biographies

When making corrections to information in Wikipedia biographies, it is important to have a reliable source that supports the proposed change.

Each article in Wikipedia has a designated "talk page" where discussions about content changes and other matters related to the article take place. If there is an inaccurate piece of information that requires correction, you can navigate to the talk page and inform the editors about the issue. By initiating a discussion on the talk page, you can utilize a template called "request edit" to notify the editors about the proposed correction. Once the template is added to the talk page, the editors will receive a notification and visit the talk page to assess and decide whether to approve or reject the requested edit.

Biography of Living Persons Noticeboard

The noticeboard serves as a dedicated area for addressing disputes and seeking administrator assistance on Wikipedia. It provides a platform to highlight unresolved content disagreements, report instances of editors introducing defamatory information, and seek guidance on general inquiries related to editing biographies . This space allows users to bring attention to specific issues, request intervention from administrators, and engage in discussions aimed at resolving disputes and clarifying concerns.

8-Step Guide on Wikipedia Biography Creation

To create a Wikipedia biography, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Begin by creating a Wikipedia account.

To begin, go to the Wikipedia homepage at wikipedia.org.

  • Select your preferred language.
  • Click on the "create an account" option.
  • Fill out the registration form that appears.
  • Verify your email address.
  • Log in to your account once again.

Step 2: Establish Your Presence and Build Credibility

Merely being on the platform is not sufficient. You must now demonstrate your existence and showcase your qualifications to have a Wikipedia biography. This involves building credibility, gaining recognition, and fostering a positive brand reputation within the Wikipedia community.

Step 3: Selecting the Page Title

Remember, uniqueness is key to capturing and maintaining attention. Therefore, it is important to choose a title that is both distinct and straightforward. The title should be unconventional yet relevant, making it more likely to appear in user searches. Ensure that the chosen title is closely associated with the person's name and sets it apart from other similar pages, giving it a unique presence among the crowd.

Step 4: Checking the Availability of the Proposed Title

Once you have finalized the title, it's important to check its availability by looking for the presence of a red link. This will indicate whether you can proceed with the chosen title.


RED LINK: It appears when a title does not exist on Wikipedia, indicating that you can create a page using that title.

BLUE LINK: It appears when the title already exists on Wikipedia, indicating that you need to select a different title.

Four Methods to Find the Red Link

You can use any of the following methods to verify the availability of a red link for your proposed title:

Search on the Homepage

  • Visit the Wikipedia homepage
  • Choose the desired language
  • Enter your proposed title in the search bar and press enter
  • The screen will display either a red or blue link indicating the availability of the title

Use the Preview Method

  • Visitany accessible page on Wikipedia
  • Select the edit option
  • Enclose Enclose your proposed title within double brackets
  • Click Enclose your proposed title within double brackets
  • The screen will display either a red or blue link indicating the availability of the title

Save a Red Link Method

  • Visit the user talk page on Wikipedia
  • Insert your proposed title within double brackets
  • Save the changes
  • The red link will be revealed, indicating the availability of the title

Change the URL Method

  • Visit any accessible page on Wikipedia
  • Click Click on the edit option and go to the URL bar
  • Modify Modify the title name in the URL
  • The screen The screen will display either a red or blue link indicating the availability of the title

Step 5: Creating the Biography Page on Wikipedia

Next to the red link, you will find the option to "ask for the page to be created." Simply click on it to proceed. This step is straightforward and easy. After clicking the option, you will be directed to a screen that presents the rules and regulations of Wikipedia.

Step 6: Writing the Content for the Page

Congratulations on reaching this crucial step in the page creation process. Now, it's time to focus on writing the content for the page. You have two options to choose from:

Writing directly in the "Article Wizard" : This option will be available on the Guidelines page. You can enter your content directly into the provided space.

Practicing the content in the Sandbox: Alternatively, you have the opportunity to practice and refine your content by using the Sandbox . This allows you to experiment and familiarize yourself with the formatting and structure of Wikipedia articles before finalizing your biography page.

When creating a biography, it is important to include the following elements in the content. You can also refer to the biography template for further clarification.

Early Life

Discuss the person's birthplace, upbringing, and other relevant details about their early life. This piques the reader's curiosity and engages them further.

Life Description

Provide a comprehensive description of the person's life, including their accomplishments, challenges, and notable experiences. Include as many details as possible.

Married Life and Kids

Delve into the personal life of the individual by mentioning their marital status and children, as this often interests readers.


Highlight the person's educational background, explaining their areas of study and the factors that influenced their life decisions. The more information you provide, the more engaging it will be for the readers.

Awards and Accomplishments

Incorporate information about the person's achievements and recognitions, as this adds credibility and significance to their biography. It helps readers understand why the person is noteworthy.

Political and Philosophical Views

While Wikipedia discourages unethical or political content, sharing the person's opinions on philosophy and politics can provide a deeper understanding of their personality. Ensure the content is presented objectively and within the guidelines.

Bibliography and Referencing

Remember that accurate referencing and proper citation are essential on Wikipedia. Every detail mentioned in the biography, from the person's early life to their passing, must be supported by credible sources. Failing to provide proper citations can lead to rejection of the page.

Step 7: Review the Content and Finalize

After drafting the content with all the necessary points, take a moment to review it for any mistakes or errors. Pay attention to the structure, sources, and overall accuracy of the information. If you come across any errors, make the necessary corrections immediately. Once you are satisfied with the content, finalize it.

Step 8: Submit the Page for Approval

You have successfully completed all the steps so far. Now, it's time to submit the page for approval. Click on the submit button and patiently await acceptance. Keep in mind that due to the high volume of page requests, the approval process for a Wikipedia biography can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Rest assured that it will not take longer than six months.

Step 9: Maintain the Page Over Time

Maintaining the page is an essential part of the page creation process. Your responsibility doesn't end with the initial creation. To attract the right audience and keep the page relevant, it is crucial to regularly update it with fresh information. For example, as the person's age increases each year, ensure that you update it on the page.

How to Create a Wikipedia Biography?

To have a Wikipedia biography page created for you, it is important to adhere to the instructions for creating a standard biography. Additionally, ensure that the content of your page is both engaging and substantiated to captivate the audience.


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